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I was googling and came by this cached page:

and according to:


I fit the Article 51.01.04 description of living with lineal blood relatives of ROC citizens. I was hoping to find a way to get an open work permit and it seems like that old cached page may have been a clue to get one but it has been deleted. Does that mean it’s not applicable anymore? How does one get an open work permit then?

In the ESA, it says I need to “apply on [my] own initiatives to the Central Competent Authority for Permits to engage in work in the territory of the Republic of China” I have a JFRV and ARC as of now. So all I’m missing is an open work permit. I do not want to be employed by a fixed empoyer. I would like to freelance my services ie. programming, it web development. So is it possible NOT to write in a fixed employer name in the application form?

Any input on this greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You have a JFRV on what basis? Marriage to a ROC national? If so, then you’ve got an “open work permit” but that is a misnomer anyways. Marriage to a ROC National allows you to enjoy the benefits of Article 48 under the Employment Services Act. All of this information has been posted ad nauseum on this site so do a search.

Actually, JFRV is a stamp in the passport correct? If it is then I don’t have that. I thought I had a JFRV when I checked the “joining family” box when applying for ARC.

So if this is the case, I don’t have JFRV, but I still go by the Article 51.01.04 description of living with lineal blood relatives of ROC citizens and having an ARC. So back to the question, how do I apply for open work permit without having a fixed employer? The cache linked PDF file had some instructions but it was deleted so I’m not sure if I should follow those instructions or not…