Taiwanted is not letting me login - Taking classes at TLI

I’m looking for someone to take private lessons with at TLI. I would like like to post to Taiwanted but for some reason my Forumosa username isn’t recognized there. I know this type of post doesn’t belong here but I’m not getting a reply from the admin of Forumosa.

Hi, I think Taiwanted is down temporarily while the software is being upgraded.

By take classes with, do you mean a fellow student to do a two-student class, or what?

I want to take private lessons at TLI with a small group. Ideally this group would consist of 2 to 3 beginners. I know the basics, so I’m not starting completely from scratch. I don’t know a lot. If anyone knows of people looking to take some cheap lessons, let’s get a group together! I would like to go 2-3 days a week.

I just finished a month of group class (which was more fun, but too slow), and started individual lessons this week. Although the social atmosphere is lacking a bit now, I’ve already begun moving at a more appropriate speed for my level & have more freedom to ask whatever questions I feel are necessary. There are still opportunities to interact with other students - it just takes more effort and good timing :slight_smile: Good luck finding a group, but don’t discount taking 1-on-1, even if you spend the same amount to take fewer hours - you can move at your own pace & get more for your money if you’re good at asking questions.

(BTW, I assume you know they’re advertising for a minimum of 3 people to take a beginner course from Sep-Nov? Maybe you’re #3?)

Point taken. I think I shall continue on my own.