Taiwanted still linking to forumosafieds

This has been driving me mental for many weeks and I’ve finally figured out why. If I use the search on this page ( forumosafieds.com/search.php , not taiwanted. This page then turns out to be totally out of date.

On the front page there’s a link to forumosans.com that doesn’t work anymore too.

I’ve relaunched www.forumosans.com and I’ve removed/renamed that link at the top btw

I’ve relaunched www.forumosans.com, and I’ve removed/renamed that link at the top btw[/quote]

Page load error!

That’s because he didn’t leave a space after the address. Try www.forumosans.com

Got it.

" Your profile helps you find and be found by former colleagues, clients, and partners. " - those reprobates in the banner??

What if I don’t want my former partners to find me?

Thanks for letting me know.

Hi Malc, which post are you referring to?
The problem I mentioned in the original post in this thread is still happening, btw.