Taiwanted to place an ad but couldn't

New problem! I’ve successfully placed ads before on forumosafieds, but clicked the ‘place ad’ link on Taiwanted today to get this:

[quote]Unable to connect

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

*   The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few

*   If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

*   If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
      that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.[/quote]

No probs connecting to any other site. What am I doing wrong? is your own computer, you’re trying to connect to yourself. I don’t know how you’re managing that.

Usually I spend a month on a mountaintop saying ‘Om’.

Whatever the problem was it’s gone away now.

It asked me to log in with my forumosa ID, which didn’t work. It actually wanted my email address, the one I use at forumosa. Someone needs to change the thingy.

Apologies for that it was my fault. It should be working again now.


First I log in with my forumosa ID.

Then it asks me to log in again using my email address and very kindly fills in the form for me. I’ve changed my email address at F.com, so it’s now different from the one at Taiwanted. So it takes forever to log in. Grrr.

Then I type my ad, and hit the ‘submit to the will of Malc’ button.

It asks me to log in with my forumosa ID.

I try using the back button, but my cunningly written plea for someone to take a highly-paid position has vanished into the ether forever.

I start again, and place a short improbable ad which goes through no problem.

I try again with the real one. And it finally works.

Little bugs can ruin your whole day.

Thanks. I am on the other end just waiting for people to submit. :laughing:

I don’t think this one is my fault directly. The system does store your email address on the Taiwanted system after you have placed an ad, so the only thing I can think of is that the system got confused with your new email address.

Still, that is something to be concerned about, so thanks for letting me know.

Alas little bugs often ruin my whole week, but that’s what I’m here for.

But the system let me into the ‘place ad’ thing, then changed its mind.

It took a long time to type the ad, due to distractions with pleasingly pert shapes in the office, so I thought it might be a cookies thing. Some kind of timeout?

But I just checked back and I’m still logged-in now.

I still think it’s having trouble with different email addresses being logged. Can you PM me the email addresses you used, and I’ll check the database to see.

If that doesn’t work I’ll try to replicate the error and see if I can pinpoint the problem.

I just place 4 ads, but made a few mistakes and wanted to edit them. I went into the edit section, but I don’t see how to do it. It just brings up an uneditable view of the page. Did I miss something?

Feedback: Also, instead of Name, I would change the label to “Email”. - On the first ad I posted, I didn’t realize the name text input was where I should put the email. I realize some people don’t want to post emails online, so maybe a text input for name and email. (?)

Thanks, i appreciate this free service.

Hi 4nr,

I am going through the categories now to try and make the labels clearer so thanks for the feedback.

Have you managed to edit the ads now? It is kind of hard to find and something else I am trying to fix.

If you click “Place Your Advert” and go through the login you should see “Let me manage the ads I already own”. On the right should be options for each ad, the click “Ad” and you should get a form where you can edit the ad.

Let me know if this isn’t the case.


Are agencies allowed to post in the “Teaching Jobs” section ? It seems to me almost all the ads (not an exaggeration) in there are by agencies.

That is an exaggeration, but there are too many I agree.

This will be solved when we start to moderate the new ads. The problem in doing that is that I have to turn off all the exisiting ones then approve them one by one. My plan is to have this in place when the code is all switched to taiwanted.com

I looked at about 10, all but about 1 or 2 were agencies. I don’t have anything against agencies, I just think they should say they’re an agency. And isn’t there a section especially for agencies ? Some of the multiple advertisers might be chain schools I guess…
Just saying it’s hard to find an actual employer on there at the moment…

I just came here to say the same thing.

I guess agents are reluctant to declare themselves by posting in the dedicated place, and the line between agent and ‘school that lends out teachers’ is a bit fuzzy. What about ‘consultancies’ and so forth as well? Maybe you should just give up the agent category?

What about a special category for ‘single school’ or private students instead? Or offering a ‘repeat ad’ feature that enables users to create a generic text which will automatically move to the top of the list every month? Advertisers using this would be flagged/coloured as such? Or not. I don’t know what’s best, but it’s frustrating that you have to wade through stuff you aren’t interested in to find a decent job.

Will it ever be possible to search ads on certain criteria?