<taiwanvine.com> A New Taiwan Feed

Some people used to check a blog aggregator called Taiwan Feed instead of checking the blogs individually or using a feed reader, but it was taken down recently due to constantly being hacked. Even now, with the original content removed, I don’t want to link to it because it’s still an unsafe website.

I’ve written a replacement called Taiwan Vine http://taiwanvine.com. If you have suggestions for features or want to get your blog added, please do let me know. It’s still a work in progress, and I’m working on a different layout. Hope you find it useful and looking forward to some feedback.

I started twittering about the site as well. Theres a widget on the taiwanvine site blog but sometimes it doesn’t work (twitter still having server issues?). You can follow quick, short updates of the development of the site and related thoughts here: http://twitter.com/taiwanvine