Take action against Taiwan bank tax residency tax certificates

So you’re going to keep digging in here? As if life did not pose enough other genuine issues.

Put otherwise: stay focused, people!



US bona fide residency definition is quite vague, but here’s the definition from the IRS website:

“To see if you meet the test of bona fide residence in a foreign country, you must find out if you have established such a residence in a foreign country. If you go there to work for an indefinite or extended period and you set up permanent quarters there for yourself and your family, you probably have established a bona fide residence in a foreign country, even though you intend to return eventually to the United States.”

So even if you spend 1 month in Taiwan but have a home and/or long term visa here, you can qualify as a bona fide resident. My US CPA told me you can also claim bona fide residency in Taiwan if you’re back in the US temporary for half a year, worked there, and then returned to Taiwan, even if you’re a US citizen. Though you should spend a full tax year in Taiwan to establish tax residency before you can start claiming bona fide residency here.

Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. They’re like a broken record, and this isn’t relevant to or useful for the topic.

Hopefully this stuff gets moved to their dedicated whinging-about-this thread. The logic behind other people’s use has already been explained to them, along with examples, but they seem to have a hard time grasping it.

Well another member was calling other members on here morons. But it seems that one was used already lol

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Posted this to the main Richart thread, but also relevant here:

I got my drivers licence without an ARC. It isn’t required. I had to fight with the vehicle office but I won the fight.

You know how often I get told that it’s not possible and how often people say you need an arc there are very few things where an ARC is a minimum requirement. Several people don’t believe me but that’s their problem.

The minimum requirement for pretty much everything is a UID, passport and occasionally proof of address. Convincing the idiots behind the desks of that is the real challenge.
They rather believe another idiot than objective facts. this is how phone companies, Buxiban’s, the Tax Office, the HHRO, NIA all operate.


Center link can be the same. They tried to tell my son he wasn’t eligible for any student allowance because he was an “international student” The lass pooped her pants and had a brain meltdown when she saw my Asian son had an Australian passport and his white dude father had a Taiwan passport.


I wouldn’t know I’ve never received $0.01 from centrelink.

I received more in welfare/gov from Taiwan in 4 years than AU in 26 :sweat_smile: I got a covid payment from 勞保 and the stimulus stuff.

Centrelink will do everything in their power to deny anyone benefits. The woman was I need to see your tax documents for income. I brought mine with me. Good thing I was prepared. It showed I earned NT$96,000 a year for the past several years. She is like that sounds like a lot of money. So I show her the exchange rate it was around 20 more or less. Less than A$5k a year.

She asks how did I manage to fly to Australia? I replied I flew business class on Malaysian Airlines paid for it on my NAB platinum card. Oh she says so you have money!!! Oh no I reply, that’s on my credit card, I will be growing lot’s of vegetables for years in the mountains where I live my bohemian lifestyle to pay that off.

It’s open office where everyone can hear your conversation. No privacy at all. People in the queue are pissing themselves laughing at this centrelink woman blowing her stack and making all these wrong claims about me and my son lol. Of course when she claimed my son was an “international student” and said he was Australian my son chimed in with hey Dad I’m still half a gook. The woman at centrelink was a white British immigrant. lol


My most hated conversations in Taiwan are these

Me walks in

Them 不好意思沒辦法幫你,我們不會說英文
Me 沒關係,我可以說中文
them 真的不好意思 沒辦法幫你

Me and my husband haven’t ran into major any idiots since we’ve been in oz. Hubby is in shock at how much his supervisor at a factory drops the F bomb though. Sounds pretty normal to me :joy::joy:

Australian idiots are very different to Taiwanese idiots


I’ve never had any conversation remotely like this.

I’ve not had one either. I think we’ve been cheated. My recent phone calls with CTCB have all been in Chinese. Although a couple of times I started the conversation in English as I knew who was calling the lass on the phone kept chatting away in Chinese. I would reply in English then eventually just switch to Chinese.


This I agree with.


I see what you did there lol

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  1. As a data point, yesterday, as a dual national, the front-line staff started to ask me for a TIN for my other nationality. They were quickly overridden by my VIP rep - recommend getting one of those if you can :slight_smile:

  2. Brainstorming - another potential angle of attack here is to the MoF, but in a different way to the previous approaches. At the moment MoF probably forwards tax-related queries to the Tax Bureau. However, MoF also owns 10 banks. So, if, you were so outrageously aggrieved by your service at, say, First Bank, that you wanted to contact the owner of the bank … that’d be MoF. Probably still get forwarded on, but it’d be a way to get a few more eyes, at a different place in MoF, on the problem.

Just so happened that the local bureau chief had an on-stage discussion with Ko scheduled at the right time. I was chatting about it with a local Bloomberg staffer and he prompted the chief.


Well, maybe we can talk to the staffer again

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As a citizen you can open bank accounts online and they never ask if you are a dual citizen or have accounts in other countries. When I asked the staff at Taiwan Co Op bank they said they would not ask me either even though they know I’m an immigrant with overseas accounts.

Of course they’re not going to ask you about whether you have accounts in other countries. They don’t ask foreigners about this either, because it isn’t relevant to the point (whether you’re tax-resident elsewhere). I said this on a previous post where you were also talking about overseas accounts for some reason.

Perhaps we could mention the banking issues in regards to the CRS rules?