Take action against Taiwan bank tax residency tax certificates

Received the reply from the National Human Rights Commission of the Control Yuan regarding my complaint against discriminatory treatment of foreign residents, have fun reading the amount of BS, it didn’t go well:

Basically the tax bureau just says that foreigners, even APRC holders, do not qualify to be domiciled as per how they interpret the relevant civil code art. 20 “A person who resides in a place with the intention of remaining there permanently, upon presence of supporting fact, is to establish his domicile at that place.
Every person has at all times one domicile, and no person has more than one domicile at a time.”, because they can always go back to their country or elsewhere, so they can’t be “permanent” permanent…

Really now want to do an administrative appeal against the tax bureau, although I already know they will shove to me some more BS… FFS