Take Desktop to Australia

I’m moving to Australia and was going to buy a desktop over there, but the prices were about 3000 AUD (about 60000 TWD) for an i5 desktop with a decent graphics card. I was looking at this from a store that does custom rigs:


My wife suggested buying something here if it was cheaper. Does anyone know what a similar rig would cost her and if I could take it on the airplane? If it’s that expensive here, I might try to take my old desktop, but there’s still the issue of being allowed to take it. Also, if I can’t take it, what could shipping cost if I wanted it to arrive within a week?

I’ve never shipped electronics before and would appreciate any advice.

Good luck moving to Australia right now. Their borders are completely shut down indefinitely due to COVID.

The airline lets me know about this when the arrivals limit has been reached, forcing a cancellation. My family is over there and we’ve had one delay already. The arrivals limit has been halved, and I’ve not been informed of a cancellation yet. I’m a permanent resident with no family here. I’m hoping there’s not another cancellation.

When I worked there I used this forum often.


I figured that if you want to buy it and put it together yourself, you could save a bit but preassembled would be about the same though $60k sounds a bit high.

You can get this for $42k.

@Marco could probably help you out a bit.

Thanks, I found some much cheaper offers.

This is a crap ton cheaper than the other place with similar specs as far as my bleary eyes can see. I’ll look into it tomorrow.

Thanks. I’m gonna check out some the way cheaper stores I’ve been pointed to in Brisbane. I can’t get me head around the prices in the store I first linked.

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Do you have a PC already?

Yeeesh that’s expensive.

Yes, I do. It’s an i7 from about 6-7 years ago with 16GB of RAM and a GTX 1060 3GB. It still plays some games that look great, like Assassins Creed Odyssey, but Valhalla runs like crap. I also want to be able to teach online with it and do office work. It does all but Valhalla well. Oh and don’t get me started on Cyberpunk….it’s like Harryhausen stop-motion.

PM me, I might be able to help get you something that is cheaper and easy to take with you to Australia.


Sorry I replied via PM without reading this first.

Just make sure that the Power Supply can take 240V input.

I was in the same boat and had the first gen i7 with similar specs. I held out for as long as I could, but even web browsing and Youtube were crapping up, so I figured it was time for a new PC.

Luckily, a friend was selling his old PC with i5, GTX1080 and 16g of ram. He needed to get rid of it and fit my budget.

If you shop around a bit and wait for prices to come down you can def find a good deal by building your own. You can can also save on is the assembly fee at Guang Hwa places as they usually do not charge if you buy from them.

Most modern power supplies are 110-220

You should check shipping. I wanted to post some envelopes a few weeks back and they said there hadn’t been any post to Australia for several weeks, and that they would just reject any package or letter I took to send via a post office. I suspect the courier system might be different, although likely more expensive.

I sent a 14kg post office regulation box today with no issues. Perhaps the regulation box and absence of electronic items was the reason why I could.

Cool! My niece can have her birthday present!

Out of interest, how much was your flight ticket? Presumably its with China Airlines?

If I remember correctly, 33k TWD, and then 200 AUD to get rescheduled flight. I was relieved I could still fly even if later. Covid-19 seems to be covered by a force majeure clause, so they don’t actually have to give a refund or rescheduled flight, or so I’ve read.

That sounds ‘reasonable’ for 2021!!! (I read someone recently paid $5k to get back from Vietnam.)

But if you can’t take the flight because of an entry cap or you have to reschedule because of an entry cap into Australia, that isn’t covered / honoured etc. automatically? (Since its not something you can control). I’m surprised you’d have to forfeit the fare for something imposed by the government?

Good luck with getting back. The money you save on your computer might pay for a day or two of hotel quarantine!