Take me out to the ballgame

Did anyone see the TV news coverage last night or today of the American player who intentionally smashed his elbow into the side of the Taiwan catcher in the Kaohsiung game on Sunday?

Seems a major foreigner/local brouhaha (and maybe a brew ha ha, too) has come up here. The USA coach lied through his teeth, saying the bloke was going to slide, then decided not to. But the video I saw was not that at all.

Then some fans in the bleachers began beating up some bloke named Shaw Cunningham, throwing beer bottles and plastic bottles at him, and hitting him with their fists. The cops had to escort the guy off the turn, down a ladder, and then later he wrote an apology letter that TVBS showed on TV that said I am sorry.

What the eff was going on there?

AND it turns out that earlier in the game, a Taiwanese runner slammed into the USA catcher, quite hard, no quite intentionally, but a slam none the less. My guess is that the Yanks were getting even with the elbow. The TW catcher had to go to hospital.

Naturally, NONE of the English dailies had a story about this today. None. The Chinese language papers did, yes. Apple Daily too. With pics.

And TVBS ran a loop all last night and today of the HIT that was seen around Taiwan. Ouch!

You’re supposed to slam into the catcher if he is blocking the plate. Dislodging the ball is the only way to prevent getting called out at the plate. I’m sure both sides know this, so without having seen the footage, I’d say both sides just had a little too much testosterone flowing at the game

No no, Neo, you have to see the video. The American player, a total jerk, from the way we looked after he did the foul deed, (he tried to look like an angel, when the ump questioned him: Who me? Why I didn’t do that. I was just running into home…") really put his left elbow straight out into the Taiwanese catcher’s rib cage or hip or pelvis or whatever. You must see the video. Turn on your TV right now and watch TVBS, you will see it tonight I am sure. The local English papers will report tomorrow prob.

This really looked like a sloppy revenge play, a really stupid intentional dirty trick by the American player. Well, these things happen in sports.

But what is worrisome is how the fans in the bleachers then attacked an innocent foreign bystander/spectator just because he looked like an American and was holding an American flag up in the air. A gang of hooligans threw punches and bottles at him, and police had to come to his rescue and escort down a ladder to the turf and then off the field.

The US player’s move was very very dirty and shows totally how fucked up Americans are.

But the crowd response against the innocent spectator was also scary.

I just want to know … WHAT HAPPENED?

The coach is also a lying son of a bitch, and he further made the USA look bad by lying right to the TV camera, as I mentioned above.

Didn’t anybody see this on TV news? It is truly shocking, shocking!

[quote=“formosa”]The US player’s move was very very dirty and shows totally how fucked up Americans are.
:? :? :?

Where’s that rating system when you need it?

Oh my God. I can just see it now… the mass hysteria sets in. Something like this:

Taiwaners rise up and unite!
A wai-guo-ren hit our catcher.
Taiwaners get ready to fight!
He was carried out on a stretcher.

Watch it again and again.
Burn the image from TVBS into your mind.
How our patriot was assaulted.
By a member of that white-devil kind.

This can not continue!
This has got to stop!
How we Chinese are treated.
White man thinks he’s on top.

They mock us daily.
They call us Taiwanese.
I know the truth.
-ese is meant to tease.

Those damn a-do-ga.
They can not be trusted.
Tall noses, hairy bodies.
After our women they have lusted.

They come to Taiwan.
For our women to steal.
They even brought AIDS here.
I know what

Hi Warmonkey and Jeff and Neo and friends,

[btw, warmonkey, cute poem! love it!] … and this:

Turns out I was way wrong, since watching the TVBS news loops without a context set me off on the wrong foot. However, even as I was wrong, I was also right.

This morning, finally, the great Taiwan News baseball reporter JASON PAN, the best sports reporter in Taiwan, did a story on the incident on the back page sports section. Read it and weep.

It’s not on the Internet site yet so I can’t link to it but for you early risers, here’s the dope:

Headline: “Crowd trouble mars youth basebeall championship.”

Jason Pan writes: “Patriotic fevor, chippy heads up plays and hot-tempered fans proved a volatile mix at…”

Pan notes that in the 8th inning, part one, a Taiwanese player ran into the USA catcher. Bump. Major bump. But no elbows, just something that happens sometimes.

Fighting broke out in the bottom of the 8th inning when a US runner elbowed the TW catcher, hard and intentionally.

But the part I missed on TV was this: apparently, after the US asshole elbowed the TW catcher at home plate, in an awful display of the Ugly American at His Worst, total non-sportsmanship… an angry TW fan ran on top of the US dugout and began banging his plastic drums in protest. An angry and maybe drunk USA fan named Mike Shaw then ran on to the dugout and pushed the Taiwanese guy over the edge, where he fell a few meters to the ground in front of the startled US team and coach!!! He hurt his back in the fall and had to be taken to the hospital.

Then, after this Ugly American Incident, – thanks, Mr. Shaw, we really need people like you in this world – some fanatical and angry Taiwanese fans in the bleachers began beating up Mr Shaw, punching his head and throwing bottles at him. Total pandemonium. That’s what I saw on TVBS.

That’s when the police came…

PAN: “The game was stopped at this time and as security tried to sort out the mess…and take the American into protective custody.”

The coaches of the TW team at first refused to shake hands with the US team after the game, which the Yanks won 8-5.

Yeah, Yanks!

“If the American team continues like this, we will play hard ball,” said a TW coach. Although he didn’t quite copy Warmonkey’s poem, he was on the warpath. At first. Later, he relented and the teams shook hands.

Read the entire story later today in your fave 7-11 news kiosk or on the web here. I will post the link later. Taiwan News. Good on ya!

The CHINA POST had nothing on this at all. Guess it interferes with its reunificatiion plans. God love the Americans and all that!

Haven’t seen the TT yet, did they do anything on this?

Anyway, now that you know the …rest of the story… comments?

PS: Turns out that Mr Shaw wrote an apology letter to Mr Chen, the fan who he threw off the dugout roof, saying: “I am very sorry for attacking you and causing you injury. I am an Ugly American and I regret it to the bottom of my core.”

Kidding. But he did write an apology in English which TVBS displayed on TV. He is very very sorry for what he did. He is not an Ugly American. He is America, writ large. Ugh.


TUESDAY edition, August 12

Foreigners are always forced to write “apologies”, “self criticisms” and “confessions” whether here in Taiwan or in the Mainland. They have very little choice. Where have you been?

Are you sure that’s why they beat up Mr. Shaw? I’ve been to quite a few baseball games and the fans, fuelled by NT$40 beers, are always on the verge of rowdiness. It all could have been a coincidence (yes, I’m joking but go to a baseball game and you’ll see what I mean.)

Yes, blueface666, I know all about writing apologies. They do it in Japan, too. Must be an Asian save face custom. Silly. That someone made Mr Shaw do it is funny, too. that’s all. I think he might live here, because while the letter text was in abc letters, the name of the guy he threw off the dugout roof was written in Chinese characters CHEN something something.

As for Hakkasonic, no, this was a real tit for tat thing. True, everyone is drinking and that prob made the thing get out of hand. But from I can gather, and now the Taiwan News site is up for today but they do not list the Sports section, why? so I cannot link the article. Maybe someone here can read it in the paper and type it in?

  1. top of the 8th inning, Chinese-Taipei player slams into USA catcher at home, but no elbow. still, it’s a heavy impact and USA players see blood

  2. bottom of the 8th, USa player runs into Chinese-Taipei catcher, with sharp elbow into rib cage or back, visible to anyone who sees the TV news clip

  3. Taiwanese fans in stadium start making angry noises over this elbow thing, one fan runs on top of USA dugout roof and starts protesting with his noisemakers

  4. USA fan, maybe lives here, maybe with team, runs on dugout roof and throws local fan onto the pitch, where he lays motionless, writhing in pain

  5. more local fans start beating up USA fan, Mike Shaw, who might also have been drinking at the game. they all drink there i guess, a nuch of alcholics!

  6. police come to resue Mr Shaw, who give him a ladder so he can step down onto field and be taken away into protective custody

  7. Shaw writes apology letter to Mr Chen, the young 22 year old fan he threw over the roof of dugout

  8. Chen goes to hospital

  9. TVBS puts it all together on tape, plays in over and over again for two days, as do all the other TV networks, FTV, ETTV, CTI-TV and CTS. Also story appears in Liberty Times, United Daily News, REtek Sports paper, Apple Daily, and China Times Express and UDN EVENING NEWS. Saturation coverage!

  10. Forumosa begins deconstructing the Incident at Dugout Bridge

  11. Taiwan breaks off diplomatic relations with USA

  12. USA breaks off relations with Taiwan

  13. all USA citizens advised to go home immediately, war coming soon

  14. headline in APple Daily: “Chinese-Taipei/USA war begins”

  15. Taipei Times writes editorial (shocking, shocking!) on Wednesday about this, or maybe it’s the China Times, can’t tell them apart

  16. Warmonkey writes poem part II after all facts are known…

  17. Consider this a humorous post, all in fun, no harm intended…

  18. Jason Pan wins Pulitzer Prize for sports reporting

  19. Taiwan News gets 100 new readers

  20. China Post drops out of race

My Taiwanese colleagues just said it was all the fault of Americans. That settles it for me.

Formosa, reminds of this little bit of journalism stiring things up a little:
From “The day today”

MORRIS: Today’s historic trade agreement between Australia and Hong Kong marks a new season of hope for the future of world trade. The two countries have been at each others’ throats for years, but now the hatchet’s been buried by a treaty which allows unrestricted trading between all parties at all levels. I’m joined now by Martin Craste, the British minister with responsibility for the Commonwealth, and Gavin Hawtry, the Australian foreign secretary in Canberra. Gentlemen, this is pretty historic stuff, well done - a future of unbridled harmony then? Australia?

HAWTRY: Yeah, I think that Martin Craste and I can be pretty satisfied - it’s a good day.

MORRIS [to Craste]: If, as in the past, Australia exceed their agreement, what will you do about it?

CRASTE: This is a pretty satisfactory treaty which I am sure will work well. Naturally, if the limits were exceeded this would be met with a firm line, but I can’t see this being necessary.

MORRIS: Mr Hawtry - he’s knocking a firm line in your direction. What are you going to do about that?

HAWTRY: Well, in that case we’d just reimpose sanctions as we did last year-

MORRIS: Sanctions! [To Craste] Hang on a second, they’ve only just swallowed their sanctions and now they’re burping them back up in your face!

CRASTE: I think sanctions is rather premature talk. Certainly if sanctions were imposed we would have to retaliate with appropriate measures. But I can’t-

MORRIS: I think ‘appropriate measures’ is a euphemism, Mr Hawtry - you know what it means, what are you going to do about that?

HAWTRY: Well, I’d just have to go back to Cabinet.

MORRIS: And ask them about what?

HAWTRY: I dunno, maybe it’s a matter for the military-

MORRIS: The military!

CRASTE: I think a military reaction is inappropriate, and this is way, way over the top.

MORRIS [to Hawtry]: Sounds like you’re being inappropriate! Are you?

HAWTRY: Course I’m not being inappropriate! Martin Craste knows that full well.

CRASTE: This is the sort of misunderstanding that I thought we’d laid to rest during our negotiating period!

MORRIS: Misunderstanding it certainly is, it’s certainly not a treaty, is it? You’re both at each others’ throats, you’re backing yourselves up with arms - what are you going to do about it? Mr Hawtry, let me give you a hint. Bang!

HAWTRY: What’re you asking me to say?

MORRIS: You know damn well what I want you to say! You’re putting yourself in a situation of armed conflict - what are you plunging yourself into?

HAWTRY: You want me to say it?

MORRIS: I want you to say it, yes!

HAWTRY: You want the word?

MORRIS: The word!

HAWTRY: I will not flinch…

MORRIS: I will not flinch from…?


MORRIS: War! [He’s delighted] Gentlemen, I’ll put you on hold - if fighting did break out, it would probably take place in Eastmantown in the Upper Cataracts on the Australio-Hong Kong border. Our reporter Donald Bethl’hem is there now - Donald, what’s the atmosphere like?

BETHL’HEM: Tension here is very high, Chris - the stretched twig of peace is at melting point. People here are literally bursting with war. This is very much a country that’s going to blow up in its face.

MORRIS: Well gentlemen, it seems we have little option now but to declare war immediately!

CRASTE: This - this is quite impossible, I couldn’t possibly take such a decision without referring to my superior, Chris Patten, and he’s in Hong Kong!

MORRIS: Good, because he’s on the line now via satellite. Mr Patten - what do you think of the idea of a war now?

[Patten nods his head absently.]

MORRIS: I’ll take that as a yes!

CRASTE: Very well, it’s war!

HAWTRY: War it is!

Funny stuff, mathewh! as for Hakkasonic’s post above, sure, it was all the Americans’ fault.

The runner, named Ike something, used his elbow as a ramming weapon, in revenge for the top of the inning slam, and then to make matters worse, a dumb stupid asshole jerk USA fan throws a local guy off the dugout roof!!!

No wonder Taiwanese are suspicious of foreigners.

This Mike Shaw guy has just set us back 150 years. He owes US all a letter of apology.

But i notice that today, in all the local papers of Chinese language persuarion, not one peep, not one picture, the incident has been quickly forgotten.

The Taipei Times reported ZERO yesterday or today, same with the Post. Just the third-rate third-place Taiwan News ran a story on the incident. They have now regained my respect and I place the TN in first place. Batter up!

Well, they didn’t see the game or anything, they just know who to blame.

Are we sure that Mike is an American? Could be planted by some other foreign government to discredit Americans. Maybe Airbus is trying to win another plane contract…

Well, he is just an adoa weiguolen foreigner big nose, doesn’t really matter which country he comes from, does it? The main thing is that once again the big hairy barbarians were nasty here, played dirty, pushed dirty, even had to write a letter of apology! So there!

Yeh, he coulda been a plant. KGB or MI5. Very sloppy dugout action there. And the coach, the lying son of a gun. So funny, if you coulda heard him tell the reporter on TV: “The runner, Ike, was just thinking about sliding into home and then he looks up and sees the ball coming so he decides so stay up and his elbow just somehow sort of got in the way, surely unintentional.” YOU LYING LIAR, COACH! He shoulda been in Jim Carrey’s movie.

This thread made me think of something: Taiwan could save a lot on their defense budget if they just gave every citizen a pair of those plastic noisemakers used at the ball games. It would bewilder and confuse any invaders to listen to the cacophony caused by 22 million pairs of those things.

23 million. you didn’t count last year’s newborns.

It sure doesn’t! As long as you can use the incident to attack all Americans, right Formosa? Yee-ha!!


The rest of your posts were interesting and worth discussion.

i’m not counting them until they’re strong enough to pick up the noise makers…

Oh, the locals are still bitter about us finding out that they had cheated (surprised?) by having an over-age player in the Little League World Championships awhile back. With all the commentaries on the news, the locals have failed to mention that they lost the game because they suck?

I’m just a bit confused about this Mr. Chen falling and hitting the ground. According to the movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Plot, chinese people are supposed to fly. Did someone clip Mr. Chen’s wings or did he just forget how to flap is little arms?

[quote=“taiwantim70”]Oh, the locals are still bitter about us finding out that they had cheated (surprised?) by having an over-age player in the Little League World Championships awhile back. With all the commentaries on the news, the locals have failed to mention that they lost the game because they suck?

I’m just a bit confused about this Mr. Chen falling and hitting the ground. According to the movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Plot, Chinese people are supposed to fly. Did someone clip Mr. Chen’s wings or did he just forget how to flap is little arms?[/quote]

BWAHAHA! :laughing: Thanks for that! You get some guanxi. :smiley: