Taking a dog along for a bike ride

I just got a dog and want to find some way to take it along with me on some rides in a basket of sorts. Just along the bike path and maybe longer. Right now it’s a puppy but it will get to be around 8 kilograms. It’s a shiba inu dog. I’d preferably like a front mounted basket so I can keep an eye on the dog while riding. My most sturdy bike at the moment is a standard Giant XTC mountain bike but am also looking into a touring bike of sorts to accommodate the load. Any suggestions on a more “elegant” bike/basket combo that is not your common city bike with a front mounted DVD disc and plastic egg crate strapped on the back?

Maybe something like this? pcstore.com.tw/petco888/M09079244.htm
I’ve never used this specific one, but I do have a backpack for carrying my dog that was made by the same company, and it’s held up well. Daisuki is another good maker of pet carriers, but I haven’t seen one by them that’s made specifically for putting on the front of a bike.

Edit: Oops! Just found one by Daisuki pcstore.com.tw/tmbk/M06885896.htm

You just got a Shiba? Haahah…awesome. Good luck with that! Yup, you get cool baskets for dogs these days, I think you need to add something to the front wheel, like the racks people use when they go cycling around the world and need to carry a lot.

Its a shiba. keep it chained to the bike somehow or it will bolt after something and disappear.

Those baskets usually come with clips to fasten the collar.Shibas…gotta love them

Thanks for the advice. I’ll make sure to have one with a place to connect a collar and leash to for sure. Still looking.