Taking in MacBook for maintenance

My MacBook keeps on turning off when I am using it and when it is on is often always shows a charge of 1%.

Can I take it to any Apple store to get it fixed?
Will they charge me? I bought it 4 years ago.


Yes they will. PM me.

Sounds like a battery issue! Apple store will be very expensive. Which macbook is it?

Is there more than one Apple Store in Taiwan now?

Yeah. There are two. Both in Xinyi.

It also depends on how old the macbook is too. If it’s older then simply replacing the batteries will often fix charge issues.

But Apple has recently implemented a policy of signing every single part of their product, so that if you replace any of its parts, they do not work as they should (batteries will not charge, screens work weirdly, cameras do not work, etc.).

Lol. That’s ridiculous and yet somehow makes sense. For the longest time there weren’t any on the whole island, which was annoying, and last I knew (which was fairly recently) there was still only one.

The second one will have been opened for two years in June.

Long ago I had an Apple PowerBook (I think?) laptop battery replaced at one of the other Apple retailers - Studio A, or maybe Data Express. They’ve got plenty more branches around. Main point being, any Apple retailer may be able to help you.

But I suspect @Marco has more specific advice.

Macbook air. Bought in 2017.