Taking pets back to Australia - have you done this?

Hi there,

I’m taking my two cats back to Australia with me soon. Like South Africa, it is complicated and expensive. I’ve looked through the exporting pets thread, but it’s mostly for North America. I have made a list of everything I need to do, but it seems quite overwhelming. One pet transportation company I emailed recently wished me good luck because there are so many problems that pet owners have faced bringing their cats home from Taiwan (they couldn’t help me, but did recommend Joseph Tsai, who I’ll be contacting). Someone from another (local) company quoted $30 000 for their flights (on top of the $30 000 I’ll have to pay in government and quarantine fees). About 10 of the 12 Australian or International companies I emailed couldn’t help - they said I should find someone local. I’m waiting to hear back from the others with quotes. I’m also getting quotes on flights myself.

I don’t want to miss anything. Can anyone please help with:

Any tips or advice, problems you ran into etc.
How much it cost to get them home, excess baggage rates if you know them.
Who you flew with, or who arranged your flights.
Where you got their transport cages.
Were they ok when you picked them up from quarantine?
Official vets and labs in Kaohsiung.
How long everything took.
Anything else you can think of.

I’m leaving from Kaohsiung, but think I’ll be going via Taipei to get the most direct flight home.

I’ll post a complete outline / timeline / costing of everything I had to do, glitches, people/companies who can help, where to buy cages etc. when I’m done.

My cats and I greatly appreciate any information you have to offer. :thanks:


Hi Catwoman,

The following is a blog created by an Australian volunteer of Animals Taiwan Kaohsiung. Scroll down to “Exporting Cats and Dogs to Australia.” There’s a whole lot of info on there, I’m sure some of it will be helpful.


Good luck!

Thanks very much bobpine. I’ll be able to add to it soon.

[quote=“Catwoman”]Thanks very much bobpine. I’ll be able to add to it soon.[/quote] :laughing: I knew it was you as soon as you replied, although I had to double check your blog to make sure only you can add to it.

A bit sad to find out you’re going home though. Prolific volunteers such as yourself are few and far appart, Catwoman. We’ll miss you. :notworthy:

Your blog will be added to our new website soon BTW. You action list is already on there under the adoption tab. Check it out, it has animations, sound and everything. vnaz.info/atkaohsiung/default.asp We are not ready to go live with it yet, but it’s coming along really well.

Bestest of luck with your future plans and kindest regards as always.


Edit: Oh and yes…If anyone can help Catwoman with some of the information she is seeking, it would be great and we’ll have it on our website for all to see.

Ha ha! I was going to PM you and tell you it was me! So much for my cover.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. :rainbow: I am blushing! (many colours). I’m so sad to be leaving Taiwan, but really excited about returning home.

The action list looks great!! So does the new website. I can’t believe how cute that song is. I’ve sent to everyone I know with kids.

I’m keeping a log of everything I’m doing to get the cats back to Aus, and will send it to you for the website when I’m done. I have found quite a few tips in the exporting pets thread that are applicable - I’m going to save over $NT2000 thanks to one from AT Sean (thanks Sean!).

You are welcome to just take and change (and make beautiful!) anything I’ve written on that blog - it’s just there for comments on my drafts! Some things I’ve just taken from websites (with credits).

Good luck with everything to you both too, especially getting ATK up and running, and managing the zoo.

Oh yeah, Poi and that crazy beautiful husky pup have both found loving homes. Gonna miss the little girls! :snivel:

See ya sometime.