Taking pets to South Africa - need pet agency

Does anyone know of a reputable pet agency in Taiwan who can assist us in taking our pets -1 dog and 3 cats back to South Africa?. The travel agency could offer me no assistance. They have chips and are up to date with relevant innoculations. Thanks

We require assistance in taking our 1 dog and 3 cats back to South Africa in April. Can you assist please?

You could have done a search. :s This topic is a “sticky” topic at the top of this forum index. Anyway, [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/exporting-pets-out-of-taiwan/384/1 you go[/url]. Happy Lunar New Year! :slight_smile:

The pet shipper most moving/relocation companies use is Joseph Tsai. His number: 0910 136 016.

Taking animals into South Africa can be a little pricey because, as with the UK, the animals cannot travel as excess baggage and must be assigned as cargo, which is much, much more expensive.

It’s so good to see that you’re taking your four-legged friends back with you; so many leave them behind. If you need any more help, let me know.

Happy New Year! :slight_smile:


try www.globalpaws.co.za

Globalpaws did not have any info on pet agents in Taiwan . In fact I tried a number of companies worldwide with no luck. Many did not respond to my original request.

Did Joseph prove useful? What prices is he charging now?