Taking pictures of strangers is considerably weird

Lmao, we need a sitcom of foreigners in taiwan doing this very skit.


I used try speaking Chinese since most do not speak my language to everyone in Taiwan, but often they (taiwanese and foreign people ) reply in English.

I speak Chinese to ‘foreigners’ initially, simply because I am so sick of this presumption that “all vanilla faces speak English.”

You’ll have mixed results. “Do you speak English?” is another option

I had a guy do that to me a few years back. When I spoke back, he went to half English half Chinese sentences which I couldn’t understand.

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Reminds me of this scene.


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You called my bluff, I mean, his bluff.

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This just reminded me of a time I went to Ding Tai Fung and the waitress spoke to a white guy in English and he flipped out. Went crazy about she shouldn’t assume he can speak English. He spoke Chinese. He made a big scene.

He was French or French speaking anyway.

It’s annoying but what can you do. If someone wants to speak English I’ll accommodate them. If I carried on like that people from my own culture would say I’m being precious, and tell me to shut my trap. Those rules still apply here for me.

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My rule is people can speak what they want, I speak what I want. In practice these days if their English is reasonable for the matter at hand I just go along in English.


My Taiwanese nephew was doing English homework from his public school that he attends (3rd Grade).

This was required viewing as part of the assignment…

Hilarious, but also good to know they are at least trying to break bad habits.

Is that the dude that said in a youtube video a while back we are not allowed to jaywalk, “coz”?