Taking scooter on bus or train

Does anyone know if it’s possible to take a scooter on a bus or a train? We plan to go to Dachia from Taipei and want to take our scooter to scoot around the countryside.

You can’t actually take large items on trains like you can in Europe. Here you have to take your scooter to the train station and have it shipped by freight train. The cost is usually around 50% of your train fair to the same destination.

Make sure you ship it the day before. It takes about 24 hours for your freight to arrive at its destination.

There are limited train stations that will ship and recieve your scooter. The shipping/receiving point in Taipei County is the WenWa Station. Ask at the station and they will direct you to the correct door. It’s the detached building closer to Taipei than the ticket counter building and on the far side. I tried to ship to Taitung and couldn’t. Nearest receiver was in Hualien. I also understand that Pingtung will recieve. Be sure to ship 3-4 days in advance or it won’t be there when you get there. Do a search as I recall other posts regarding this and other shipping and receiving points.

Yeah, this question has been asked and answered before, to some degree. A few different threads.

My bike trip thread has detailed info on shipping bicycles by train, which would also apply to shipping scooters by train. Bicycles by bus is easy. Scooters by bus not possible as far as I know.

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