Taking the TOEIC test

If my husband were to take the TOEIC test, but didn’t want to pay a bu si ban for the practice course, where would he go, or who should we contact about finding out. He called a bu si ban but they refused to give him any info accept that he had to take their course and then he could take test there.

You can easily purchase the test preparation materials from any good bookstore, such as Bookman. I thought he might be able to sit the test at LTTC, but it seems they don’t administer that test.


Oh, here:

Chun Shin Limited
2nd Floor, 45, Section 2
Fu Hsing South Road
Taipei, Taiwan ROC

Phone: 886 2 2701 8008

Fax: 886 2 2755 2822

WWW: toeic.com.tw

Note: Chun Shin Limited will begin providing TOEIC testing service on October 1, 2001. More information on how to contact Chun Shin will be provided in the near