Taking your (italian) wife out for a spin when you race F1

youtube.com/watch?v=1yf-p7Lp … re=channel

ohh boy

Lol. That’s hilarious when she gives him the old up yours arm gesture. I think I heard a “Mama Mia” in there somewhere as well.

Notice never once did she stop talking? haha, its ok shes cute and forgiven

Yeah not sure how he kept concentrating while she was screaming like that. Now his wife can get a taste for what his “day at the office” is really like.

I had the same in Paris when I was late for check-in on a Alitalia flight (due to the usual suburban subway strike). Italian women under pressure seem to make a lot of noise :laughing:
“Mamma mia, ohhhhh madonna,…” non-stop.

Thats part of their charm I guess. Her big jugs and cute face helps here.

Here’s some more big jugs


YOu have to admit, shes-a cute-ah

tell me you dont wanna give her a ride.