Talk of redesigning Taiwan's currency


The latter part of the sentence is true… well, the Taiwan part is true, I don’t know if Japan ever cheated in those games. I also doubt Japan would need to.

The first part of the sentence however is false. The players on the 500 bill were participating in a local all Aboriginal baseball tournament back in 1998. The tournament is funded and hosted annually by the association of Aboriginal pro-baseball players. All of the players are students of the Taidong Puyuma elementary school.

So while the 500 bill is celebrating Taiwan’s baseball culture, it isn’t specifically about performance in little league Word Series.


Psalmanazar looks beautiful! It’s a bit like putting Borat’s portrait on Kazakh money.

Hey, they should use his “Formosan alphabet” to write phonetic Taiwanese! Scholars of nationalism would have a field day.


hansioux, are any of the designs at the link your design(s)?


I didn’t submit one. I didn’t find out about the competition until submission deadline has ended.


My Psalmanazar banknote design featured his “Formosan Alphabet”. In hindsight, I should have spelled out something much more vulgar. I mean, who’s gonna find out…


Interesting. I would guess that the community of Taiwanese who tinker at banknote design would be pretty small (in my American mind the scene in Fargo, where the hubby is obsessed with winning the US postage stamp design, is what what’s playing). Was this contest not widely reported?

It’s a shame that somebody who has an actual passion for banknote design would be left out.


You’re kidding. Plastic notes are better in every single way…


Well, they made my life difficult there. Dunno if I had the wrong wallet or handled them badly, but found them cumbersome, seriously. And fragile. At leats twice had to visit the bank to exchange torn bills.


Well, Shida’s books and teachers do have a penchant for putting down local Taiwanese. Double win if can score a jab at Japan.


Wasn’t expecting that as a comment to plastic bank notes.


I think I messaged you guys from Vancouver when I bumped into thsi pickle.