Talmud Business Hotel in Taiwan

Maybe there are things in Taiwan I haven’t seen.

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Are there bagels?

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It’s a three bagels hotel
:bagel: :bagel: :bagel:


Are there pickles?

Or seltzer water?

I can play this game too.

But are the oyster omelets kosher, that’s the question.

Meat and dairy, not kosher


Shellfish are out I believe

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I hear the food there is terrible. And such small portions.

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I need a beard trim, any good?

Went to their website (https://www.talmudhotel.com.tw/) to find out more. Can’t see any reference to anything Jewish other than the name and a room named Soros. Other rooms are named after other rich people, Rockefeller, Buffet, Hilton, which as far as I know are not Jewish.

Didn’t see any information about the name choice for the hotel group either.

So… Shalom? I guess.


I know there’s a thread on this already, but I don’t think kosher considers oysters to be meat.