Tamkang Employment Prospects

Currently I’m planning to apply to Tamkang University for Master Program, but I heard that private university such as Tamkang has lower employment rate is that true?

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Employment in Taiwan?


I mean
Is private university such as Tamkang has lower chance for being accepted into a job than National University?

I can’t read chinese btw haha :smile::smile:

Tamkang has a good reputation and good for getting a job. Taiwan National University is normally known as the best, as higher chance of job and future, but there are many others with a good reputation.

Can’t read Chinese? Do you know the internet and translation like Google translate and apps??? Better learn how to do that. It’s very easy.


Though I know the OP doesn’t read Chinese, this statistics gives the exact answer.


And, here is the employment rates of Tamkang graduates. The rates for master course graduates are 75% ~ 100%, depending on departments.

This page is of NTU.

95% of all the master graduates who replied are employed or in higher education.

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