Tamron lenses in Taipei

Anyone have recommendations/good experience with dealers in Taipei that sell Tamron lenses?

I’m looking for a replacement AF 28-80/3.5-5.6 ASPHERICAL F/NIKON (58MM)


Camera Street. There’s a shop just off the corner, but I don’t know the name of it nor how to give directions, but I always seem to find it myself.

So, not a very helpful response, other than to say that there is a store with a small selection. :blush:

Don’t know if this might be helpful or not.
tw.f3.page.bid.yahoo.com/tw/auct … iew=search

tw.f4.page.bid.yahoo.com/tw/auct … iew=search

A lot of these sellers are shops on the camera street. You can find their addresses by clicking into their profile.
tw.search.bid.yahoo.com/search/a … t=%B7j%B4M

Rocking! Thanks. The reason I need one is because somehow in the camera bag the plastic connector on it had broken “groove” thinggies :s. Anyone know how it could’ve broken off? Maybe someone twisted it the wrong way when trying to take it off?

Yellow Cartman:
“Maybe someone twisted it the wrong way when trying to take it off?”

That’s the most likely reason. I guess that’s why most new lenses or high quality models have metal ring mounts.