Tandem Bike. Where can I find?

I’m off on another adventure with the wife this summer and the plan requires a tandem bike. We know we can order one from a bike shop but we’d prefer to try one on for size first. Anyone know of any stores currently stocking tandem bikes? We’re in Taipei but can travel if required. Thks.

There’s a Giant store at the southeast corner of Jianguo and Xinyi, near AIT. It probably has what you’re looking for.

Thanks Cranky but Alas, I’ve done the Jianguo stores and a couple up in Tienmu but they only stock single saddled steads. I’m wondering if anyone’s seen any in the Taipei County area.

Here are two Taiwanese companies that make tandem bicycles:[ul]Link Bicycle Co., Ltd. (Zhanghua County)
Southern Cross International Co., Ltd. (Nantou County)[/ul]If you contact them, you could do me a favour and tell them you heard about them from [url=http://www.trade-eye.com/]Infotrade Media (Màoyì Yǎn