Tandoor - Simply Fab!

We have spent many, many moody evenings after having dinner at a restaurant which turned out to be quite sh*tty! But, then we ate at Tandoor recently and it was wonderful!
From start to finish we loved it! The food was great (and very reasonably priced) and the Kingfisher Beer was very nice.
Treat yourself - GO! :slight_smile:

Best Ruby Murray in Taipei, bar none.
Paneers, garlic nan, dahl, raita and kofta.
Go there starving and cram it in.

Thanks Alien, Firewolf, that sounds great. I’ve been waiting for yonks to get a good curry.

So, should I just go for a little walk and “keep my eyes open” (bound to find it some day…) or should I wait a little longer 'til someone gives the address?

Taipei’s best kept secret.
Oh, did someone say Taipei? Perhaps it’s Kaoshiung?

Hurry up, I’m starvin!



It’s advertised in the Times, but not today.
Anyway, the address is misleading.
Wander over to Hochiang b[/b] street, which is behind the Saab dealership on Minsheng, west of Fuxing towards Chienguo b[/b], right? It’s the alley parallel and behind Saab. But there’s two entrances. One on that alley, and one on the next alley because the restaurant spans one alley to the other.
Ah, hell, I’ll post the address later when I get home. I got a card somewhere. Is it Saab?

I used to go to Tandoor when it was a two-bit little place on Min Chuan b[/b] East Road, right around the corner from the combat zone. The owner was always very friendly and had good suggestions on what to eat. Now that Tandoor is in a different, more ritzy locale, he’s still friendly but slightly impatient, and the portions are a lot smaller. A lot smaller. The bastich. He’s getting too popular for his own good.


Tandoor Indian Restaurant
Best Indian Cuisine in Taipei

Lane 73, No 10, Hochiang b[/b] St.
Ph: 2509-9853

Agreed, the Tandoor is really great food.

Can’t fault the Tandoor but i always preferred the Taj on SungChiang b[/b]; a lot to do with the Brit-style curry house decor (seedy, velvet, bit shoddy, etc.) The place has sadly shut but the excellent chef, Deepak(sp), has opened his own gaff on YenPing b[/b] N. called Himalaya. Well, well worth the trip. Not knocking the Tandoor but variety is the spice…

i whole-heartedly agree with mark0938 about the taj, that was my favorite of favorite taipei restaurants. my first trip to yen-ping b[/b] was surprisingly disappointing though. maybe i’ll try again since you recommend it.

Tandoor was certainly not cheap. Four people, two vegetarians, no drinks, one dish each and two servings of samosas… $2000.

Reasonably priced for a nice New York City Indian restaurant, but the most expensive Indian food I have ever had in Asia.

As for the quality. It was ok, but not great.

back to tandoor again last night and didn’t like it again. SMALL dishes with 3 out of 4 not having great flavor IMO, naan thin and doughy-chewy, roti on the dry side, ice cream was old tasting, and to top it off after spending $2000 was served a miniscule cup of lousy coffee. won’t be back, have to check out the yen-ping n road joint again.

Can anyone give the address of the Himalaya? Thank you very much!

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