Tangled webs

As relationships, and all the things wrong with women, seem to be in vogue here right now let me start one more.

I was out with my new gf a few weeks ago when her phone rang, and she wandered off looking distressed while the guy on the other end gave her an ear-bashing. Getting the story out of her afterwards was like pulling teeth, and not surprisingly either.

It turned out that this was someone else who believed he was her boyfriend, calling to vent because he had learned that she was seeing someone else. No, not me. There was a third guy :shock:

I think that has all been resolved, but had to discuss it with a lady friend of mine - also Taiwanese. Unfortunately she wasn’t really listening to my problems because she met this guy a while back and is a bit distracted. He was on a business trip from the US for several weeks, they had a little adventure, and have been on the phone daily ever since and are even planning a holiday together. Great!

I’m so happy for her, but… now they’ve hit a small snag - since they met she has also started sleeping with another guy and #1 has found out.

So I give up, trust to my own judgement, and resolve my own relationship problems. Then my phone rings. It’s another Taiwanese lady friend looking for advice, because she has just kissed a married man. Real kisses after a real date. :unamused:

As she’s my friend I tried to help her be clear about what she wants, which is to have an affair with a married man, and try to help her protect herself.

(Found this article on being the pefect mistress for her!)

But I am a bit gobsmacked by all this. I’m a trusting soul, and all this rather erodes my ability to cope.

Comments from the gallery? :?

I don’t know why, tmwc, but your post makes me realize why a lot of Taiwanese don’t have the discipline not to bump into each other on the MRT.

this is surely a troll… come on, twmc!

Every word is true. I swear.

fuggedabout’em. Go sailing.

Geez, this sounds exactly like my first Taiwanese gf.

I hear you man, I really hear you.

That’s the plan. But how am I going to survive 4 days without access to Forumosa?

relationships suck ass.


Be grateful that you’re gathering so much wonderfully juicy material for that steamy best-selling airport novel about Taiwan that you’re going to write when you have enough time between working, loving, boozing, sailing, and posting on Forumosa. :wink:

But meaningless recreational sex is great fun.

But meaningless recreational sex is great fun.[/quote]


And sound?

uh… who wants to have an affair with a married man? Details please.

Chou The Great Protector.

here’s something i don’t get.

a friend of mine here told me once she dated a married man, and she was ok with it.

she finds out that the man wants to divorce the wife and marry her. she’s not ok with that, breaks up, and shuts him out.

i told her that was a weird place to draw the line. she said she didn’t want to be the one responsible for the divorce. i asked her how the adultery was different. she said the adultery reflected on the poor relationship between man and wife which she wasn’t the cause of. but the divorce she would be the cause of.

thin, but certainly line. interesting logic. but i was dumbstruck.

Kenny, I like that womans thinking. It is perfectly reasonable. As for adultery itself, we would all be better off to avail ourselves of the idea that marriage is the end all be all for sexual relationships. The world would be a happier and better place without that false premise


God made seven days of the week, man should have seven wives.

Give me time.

Give me time.[/quote]

ha, ha.

Seven wives for seven babes, eh blue?


You say that like it’s a bad thing. But then, no wonder – you’ve got the wrong body part(s) listed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me time.[/quote]

What’s the count so far, Blueface?