Tanning Salon in Taichung

Does anyone know if there are any tanning salons in Taichung? If you know of any please let me know, thanks. Gotta get rid of this farmer’s tan.


Ask the staff at FM… they would know. I haven’t heard of any tanning salons in Taizhong, but i know there are lots in Taipei for pretty cheap. 10 sessions for 2000NT.

I have friends down there I’ll ask. will let you know.

Thanks for the info. I work with a guy that works at FM so I’ll ask and see if he knows a place. If you hear about place in Taichung let me know.

Thanks a lot

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My girlfriend just told me the other day about her friend opening up a tanning salon here in Taichung a while back. I’ll talk to her this evening and find out where it is and if it’s still open.

Thanks for the help with this one. Much appreciated.

Sorry it took so long. My girlfriend says it’s next to Taichung Park, which is nearby the train station. There’s a McDonald’s on the corner across from the park which is Ziyou Road and another which I’m not sure of. From the McDonald’s continue down Ziyou to the next building and take the elevator up to either the 3rd or 5th floor (she couldn’t remember). She hasn’t talked with this friend in a long time and doesn’t even know if it’s still there, but you can go have a look and see. If I were you I’d get the translation for “tanning salon” before I went. Hope this helps you out.

Sweet, I’ll take a look tomorrow.

There was one in the big gym next to the Landis Hotel. Probably have to have a membership, but you never know

Nice closer to home. I’ll check both out today.