Tanning/waxing place in Taichung...?


Anyone out there know of a place in Taichung with tanning beds? Also looking for a shop that does waxing, or at least a store where I can buy waxing strips. Any help appreciated, thanks.

funny question…since tanning is a terrible thing for most of the Taiwanese, I doubt, that you will find any tanning beds in Taiwan. but let us know, if you did.

There’s apparently no shortage of them in Taipei, so I was hoping I might be able to find one place in Taichung.

really…wow…never really paid attention to it, but never saw one either…anyways…I apologize for the prejudice. can’t help you with Taizhong…sorry le

Not really familiar with the area but I would sugg. that you check out Watson, maybe they will have some waxing strips?? If not, then like someone said in the other post, Noir would do… right!!!


yeah, checked out watson’s already; they have a wide array of skin whitening creams and little eyebrow shaver things but no waxing strips. The watson’s in hong kong had them though so i’m a bit dissapointed here :frowning:

I was wondering if anyone knows of a place in Taipei that does eyebrow and bikini waxing…an address and phone number would be really appreciated!! :help:

THANKS A LOT…my eyebrows are in desperate need of some TLC!

Same question as tinkerbell66. Any waxing place in Taipei? Gentle waxing since I have very sensitive skins…

I found some german waxing sugar in a place called J-mart (dunnow if their a chain) in Lu Zhou (Taipei county). found it worked as well as DIY wax at home (been DIYing for 10 years), though the fact that it was not microwave friendly made it a bit more tedious to use.

Careful with that tanning.

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Tanning shops in Taipei? I have never seen one.

Where are tanning shops in Taipei? I could use some for mental therapy due to lack of sunshine.

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