Tanyashen Green Bikeway, Taichung

Tanya Shen Green Bikeway 潭雅神綠園道

14km dedicated bike path on old rail line. Bridges or tunnels past major roads making the entire path nearly unimpeded and rarely a need to stop for road crossings.

Beautiful nearly completely shaded bike path, temples, rest areas specificially for bicyclists, toilets, few coffee shops, chicken farms, variety of agricultural farms, flowers, old communities, rice fields in rice paddies.

Begins near Tanzi Train Station, 潭子車站, and then through Shengang Daya areas passing Taichung airport. Connects to other bike paths.

Google Maps (turn on biking layer on Google Maps)


We did go there earlier this year. Pretty easy to ride. Well, the beds of former railway tracks are usually flat. It’s an interesting mix of suburban residential areas, factories (including a stinky pig operation), farm fields (including wheat), military stuff (the tank park and the one near the airport), remnants of the old railway line, and some tree-shaded curvy (S) sections. It’s not pure countryside, lot of ugliness mixed in, like a river with lot of garbage, but overall pretty decent bikeway. Quite similar to the one in Dongfeng, also Taichung.


On the weekends its very busy. Its a great ride with my kids for example but you cannot expect to take your roadbike here and go fast. If coming with a car parking is easier on the Daya end of the route. They are also connecting this route with a bridge to the cycle route under the TRA railway bridge which will connect it nicely to even downtown Taichung.


I passed this route last weekend and it is pretty amazing. Well shaded, so in the summer, it’s bearable even if it’s high temps.

Not too great if you’re on the road bike, but great for a family outing or a date with the SO.