Tao Yuan

Hey guys,
any good place to hang out at night in Tao Yuan?.
Thanks for the help

See Zhongli? Taoyuan? What about them?

there’s not much happening in taoyuan, you can try rodeos near the train station… jungli has more pubs like River, JJ’s etc…

there’s nothing in the other thread worth reading…

River rocks - not too many people though even on a saturday night, but the foreign gitls look better than in Taipei

Mr. He I presume. Good to see you back.


Well, Huang only a short visit, as I am a bit more busy now. We have a big exhibition in September… And things have to be perfect as I am spending a lot of other peoples money on it - and yes, I get to travel around down under after the bloody show.

Whan are you coming out here? The weed in my neighbors garden is good.