Taoist masters in Taiwan

Are there any taoist masters/daoist masters in Taiwan? My intention is serious minded.

If you want to learn Toaism in Taiwan, I do suggest learning holo first

I am in the mainland so no adobe player, but I presume it is funny :slight_smile:

It kind of is :slight_smile: It’s a news clip about a foreigner involved in Taoism who, having found existing systems unsatisfactory for the task, invented a Romanization system to transcribe Minnan Taoist chants.

I don’t know for sure what a “Taoist master” is but I strongly suspect there is no shortage of them here.

Yes, lots. You want Quanzhen 全眞 or Tianshi 天師?

Taoist master, I mean an acknowledged ‘saint’ and meditation expert .
I am open minded but an initial preference would be for the Quanzhen school.

Do you want to study Daoism, or hire a Daoist for a funeral / exorcism / fortune-telling session? Like I said in the other post, Zhinangong 指南宮 has an unaccredited seminary called the China Taoism Institute 中華道教學院 which meets on the weekends. They’re Quanzhen from the Tsunyang 純陽 sect. Saints are a little harder to find, or to judge.

Taiwanese friends tell me of a number of Buddhist masters - saints - popularly acclaimed throughout the island and credible to me, I take it there are no equivalent daoist masters. As for the seminary, it is the best lead I have so far and thank you again Zla’od, you have been most forthcoming and informative.

My pleasure. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Buddhist saints are as difficult to judge as Daoist ones. Many large dharma organizations come with charismatic founders who are presented as such, but there is no way to decide such claims neutrally, and it may be a mistake to focus only on the loudest voices, so to speak. As for Daoists (albeit from the Celestial Masters branch), are you aware of the so-called “Taoist pope”?

chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/arts … 654/Who%E2��s-going.htm

chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/loca … Taoist.htm

Some or all of these people may be saints, or know saints. Or they may just be managers and politicians. Anyway, they’re famous in their circles.

I agree. Generally I prefer to avoid the instititution.