TaoYuan Animal Shelter *adoptions*

Did a search…am surprised this isn’t on here already.

Anyone know the address/phone for the Taoyuan Animal shelter? A beautiful dog from my park got taken there. I want to go and save her.

Since it might be beautiful story, all I could find was Taoyuan city government site:

tycg.gov.tw/site/site_index. … ite_id=053

Google Translation:
“Taoyuan County Animal Protection Education Park in dogs and cats admission announcement to accommodate people in the county petition Bulletin of Local Governments Animal Control Officer capture, the prefectural abandonment, picked up or returned dogs and cats, people to take to the park adoption. If found in dogs and cats suspected lost your home, or want to claim the raising of dogs and cats, make a note under the date of the announcement and photo ID, call :03 -4861760 inform park staff to reclaim or make an appointment in order to arrange adoptions. . The park housed dogs and cats by the 12th of this announcement (including the date of announcement and holidays) If there is no adoption or reclaiming, will be disposed of in a proper manner in accordance with the provisions of the Animal Protection Act Optional, people give more consideration prior to the abandonment.”

That website mentions this address, 桃園縣新屋鄉永興村三鄰大牛欄117號 (map), and it looks like there’s some kind of animal place there, but I’m not sure if it’s a shelter, or a quarantine area, or what.

That’s the place. I’ve been there before. It’s actually quite nice for a kill-pound.

Xinwu!!! It’s like they’re trying to get people NOT to adopt the animals. The only more ridiculous place in Taoyuan to put it would have been up in the mountains of Fuxing.

They just don’t want people dropping off their puppies on the doorstep on a regular basis. It’s actually smart to make it out of the way…when you think about it like that. And anyone serious about owning a dog won’t mind a 20 minute drive.

Good point. But I wouldn’t have even known about it if you guys didn’t explicitly type up the address.

well let us know if you can get the dog and the happy ending

Found her. “Saved” her.

I just put her back in the park. But now she has a chip with my info in it…so the next time she gets taken I get a 3000nt fine. Which isn’t too bad. But the fine goes up from there. So if she gets taken again…I either pay the fine and move her somewhere else and hope it’s safer. Or let them put her down. And no, I can’t take her myself.

Let me know if I can help. Apologies for not getting the number for you.