Taoyuan Cable TV Companies?

TeleFirst Cable no longer carries the Star World channel. I’d appreciate information on Star World or similar channels and the cable companies that carry such channels in the Tao Yuan area. Thanks.

Yeh, they cut it off, the bastards. Mainly to make you get their digital service. Which I must say, I am satisfied with. It’s worth 100 NT/month fer sure.

Not sure what service BeiTaoyuan Cable offer. If you’re really keen on foreign programming call the SatelliteTV guy. He’s on this forum somewhere…

I’d like to know which Taoyuan cable company provides SAP in English for sports programming.

Thanks GingerMan
Thanks for the prompt reply. So, if Telefirst is contacted, they’ll switch us over to ‘digital cable’? And Star World will magically reappear?
Sorry to be in the dark about digital cable. Anything else we should know about this before contacting Telefirst?

None… so go to a sports bar or do like many others and get sat tv… :unamused: