Taoyuan City - Taoyuan Tourism

I thought my recent stay in Taoyuan was fine. Nice pubs, great food, foot massages.


If I’m being honest I haven’t explored it that much, but I’ve noticed it gets shit on the most out of all the island’s cities.

Aside from giant metal animals, it was OK where I was…in the newer section.

You’ll often find me in Taoyuan’s Dasi.

walking/eating/drinking along 老街, or?

Little bit of everything. I always love their coffee shops.

I’ve got a surprise day off today, so I have the delights of Taoyuan to enjoy.


the foot massage in this store at Taoyuan city is great !

We expect a full report on the wonders of Taoyuan later today.


Taoyuan is also home to the ROC

The Republic of Chocolate.

I went to work this morning and there were no students. Checked the university calendar - tad embarrassed,

You have Tuesday off? I don’t. I think… guess I’ll find out in an hour.

I’ve no idea why. I have to do a make-up Saturday for it.

It actually screwed up my schedule having Monday off, because I forgot I had it off and now I don’t have enough time to prepare one of my classes for their midterm presentations.

I’ve similarly buggered up with today’s classes.

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For me the only thing Taoyuan has to do with tourism is that the airport is located there. As in I only think of Taoyuan as a launch pad to go to some other country.

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You know what they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

You gotta get out from under some of your lathes and do some traveling around the island. Don’t complain about the cost. Get on a bus.

Last time i was in taoyuan was in 2012 i believe. And from Taipei I had wanted to take the HSR to visit my friend who lives close to the HSR Taoyuan station but I thought (being a bit of a train buff) that I wanted to try the TAROKO train (yes the same kind as the one that crashed) as I had never been on it. SO i figured once i got to taoyuan I could somehow make it over to the Taoyuan HSR station which should not be too far.

And I ended up right on main street taoyuan right downtown and i remembered it was still pretty hectic. There seems to be more little cafes and the such, a lot of bustle and hustle.
Being in the USA so long I had forgotten that Taiwan has TAxis, so i ended up taking the next train back so I could reconnect to the HSR back to TAoyuan HSR to see my buddy.

Learned that the common folk could just jump on any train with their (whats the name of that card they use on the taipei mrt??) and pay with that.

Anyhow I had this nice young lady sitting next to me and I had an idea, maybe i didnt have to travel all the way to taipei to get the HSR, i could catch it in Panchiao?? Well this young lady had no idea, she just worked in taoyuan and lives in taipei and never gave Panchiao station a thought. But she kindly phones a friend who told her/me that yes I could switch in Panchiao so off i left in panchiao.

And Panchiao surprised me much more…all those high rises, at least near the train station!!!

never realized I could have taken whats called a Taxi from the taoyuan station to the taoyuan HSR station. lol

probably would not have cost an arm and a leg like the USA in the days before UBER (yes that long ago_)

I don’t have a lathe.

Even travel by bus is surprisingly expensive.

But maybe it’s good that I didn’t travel as I could have ended up as a smudge in the train.