Taoyuan County Nightlife

I’m looking for some suggestions on where to go out in Taoyuan County - particularly Zhongli.

I’ve heard the river is pretty good so going to check that out, but if anyone has other sugestions i’d like to hear them.

Anywhere must be better than another night in '95 listening to Mr Fender sing “Unchained Melody”

I gather Taoyuan is a waste of time. Been to both rodeos (Nankan and Taoyuan) and “itzu bar” or something and I doubt i’ll be going back to any.

Also, if there’s somewhere i could watch the football…

i can’t tell you updated bar lists - river and soundgarden are two of the places that i have been to and enjoyed, though they are really at opposite ends of the spectrum … not sure if i could find soundgarden again either (down this alley, then a right, another alley … - maybe pissed drunk :wink: )

another bar i mentionedin the other thread was good morning vietnam - the bar lady was fabulous there, and i really would like to stop in and say hi - it’s on a road parallel to river, but a few streets closer to SOGO (the one that used to be the far eastern - there are 2 now). there are also a pile of dance clubs, but i’m really not into that scene - many near the other sogo, where the big, new movie theaters are. i’m sure a local can tell you more than i can.

ahh … for the days of erik and foxy …

there’s a bar around the corner from harvest time (i believe) called the wunderbar that has live music on weekends (sometimes taiwanese, sometimes foreigners)

you picked the wrong town for nightlife though.

I reckon there is enough of us out here to warrant a get together now and again in search of a happening joint.

You could try the Ass Bar near the intersection of Jung Jeng Rd. and Sanmin Rd in Taoyuan City. Small and always crowded, but it’s always been a good time there, at least for me and my little “posse”. :smiley:

I’ve heard that the Ass Bar is a good time. I’ve also heard that it is small and quite smokey.
How does it compare to Wonderbar in Jung Li?

I went to the River the other day - it was ok, Kim (the boss) was really nice but apart from that…

We checked out a few other bars but nothing worth mentioning, the highlight was when some drunk taiwanese guy fell off his seat at the bar and head-butted my foot on the floor.

But I think that someone posted above that any bar can be good with enough people and the right atmosphere.

So I was thinking, we should choose a day (how about a week on saturday), pick a bar and head out there?

If anyone’s interested just choose a place to go and then we pass the word round.

OK Phil,

we to Rodeos (Nankan) the other night and the atmosphere was better than anywhere else I’ve been to lately in the area.
Food was actually bloody good too.

I’m keen for a beer Friday night to finish of the week.

i’ve spoken to a few people now and it seems tomorrow (friday) is as good a night as any.

so Rodeo’s in Nankan, there’ll be a few of us whities there (say 10pm?) if anyone else wants to come down, cool. and pass the word round to anyone else around who doesn’t read forumosa.

jeez phil - you’re really dying to go out … managed to post in the same minute as truant :laughing:

love to make it out, but sat. morning is still working time, with mondays off. maybe next time

[quote]love to make it out, but sat. morning is still working time, with mondays off. maybe next time

c’mon you can do it. We might head there a bit earlier and have a bite anyway.

work is finished at 11:30 friday night (great private class, dinner included), and then saturday rolls around …

so i really can’t, but am up for trying something in the next few weeks … just got a lot on the go.

10pm rodeos, tonight? i’m in!

so, aside from the obligatory “i had 20 beers”, :laughing: twas it a happening scene?

Of course it was! Our crew was there. Night finished at City Music. Only dissapointment was that no one got naked. Back to bed for me.

Have you guys found a place that broadcasts any sport yet?

When we were in Rodeos they had a big screen with some sport on, football I think (before the band started). not sure if they have a satellite feed tho. Will ask next time.

it was a pretty good night on friday. as stevieeeboy pointed out no nakedness, although it would have been different if K had got his way… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

anyway, maybe we should have a new thread “taoyuan happy night - november” next time?

as for sports, i don’t think there is any. rodeos has a big screen but i’m pretty sure no sattelite. i’m surprised that noone is interested in doing that though - there must be a market for it…

my guess is that there aren’t enuf bars to make offering satt. a priority - the lao bans figure we will show up regardless due to lack of choice. the holiday hotel manager said that they had satt. when we talked to them about doing our wedding there, however they never used it, and he wasn’t sure if they still had it :loco:

hockey, footy, and numerous other things still seem to require a trip into taipei to watch, although a good friend is making noise about putting satt. tv in his place. got the fingers crossed. whenever the hockey people get their collective heads outta their collective asses and get games back on, i’d love to see one for the first time in 3 years. radio braodcasts just don’t cut it, unless you can watch too.

when mid-terms are over, might have time to make it out for a bit of a celebratory piss-up. two weeks of bookworm coming up though.

Anyone out there interested in opening our own place to hang out at and watch sports on big screen.

I figure we can get few people and start up a bar where it’s not too fancy but, it’s like a neighborhood bar, where everyone knows your name.

I have a plan. If you are interested, write me and we can get together and talk about it.