【Taoyuan Wenchang Junior High School Program】

:point_right:Teaching Position Available: 6
:zap:Student Grade Level: Gr.7~Gr.9
Start Date: Sept 1, 2020 ~ July 31, 2021 (Renewable)


  1. Native English Speakers from USA. Canada, UK(QTS/QTLS), Australia, New Zealand & South Africa (SACE), etc.
  2. Teacher’s Certificate or Sub Teaching License issued by your home gov’t

Teaching Subject: Conversational English
Teaching hours: 20~22/week
Office Hours: 8:00am~4:30pm, Mon ~ Fri.
:heartbeat::heartbeat: Salary: (US$2100~2700)
BA: NT$62,720/month
Masters: NT$ 69,965/month
PhD: NT$73,025/month
Based on Education Level and the amount of experience counted from domestic & Abroad**
:tada:Attendance bonus: NT$2000/month
:tada:Contract Completion Bonus: 1 month salary
:tada: Benefits and Bonuses: Work permit & Health Insurance provided
:house:Housing Stipend: NT$5000/month, NT$10000/month for teacher with family
:airplane:Air-ticket: NT$80,000 Round-trip, provided by the school

Program website:

:point_right:For application:

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