Tapas Bar on Heping West Road

I walked out of the Tapas place, just as they were about to serve us. I did so, because we had been made to wait an hour and 15 minutes for our main courses (yes, I know it’s a Tapas bar, but they do have an accompanying French menu and I was in the mood for lamb chops).

Anyway, they were really nice all through, making excuse after excuse, until finally I had had enough. I too, was civil and explained that I was not going to pay for the lamb chops, as I didn’t eat them, but only for the tapas and three beers I had while waiting.

Which brings me to Papa Giovanni’s: If I ate there and had any shit from him, I’d probably end up in a fight with the asshole.

Is that the one on Heping W. Rd.?

Actually that seems fair to me. If you get more than 3 excuses then you have the right to leave and as long as you are pleasant about it, what can they say? Especially since they did not ask you to pay anyway. If they had, then that is a matter for argument.

Then trust me STAY AWAY FROM PGs. You will get in a fight with him or his brother. Everyone I know (on separate visits) has had a problem with them. The rarity is good service. Actually the food is not bad, but the attitude is insufferable. INSUFFERABLE

Tapas is a nice place but their service is very, very slow when they get busy. Their kitchen is just too small to handle a full crowd upstairs. Avoid the place at peak hours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays especially.

On the plus side, they now have Wartsteiner (sp?) on tap to go with a couple of Belgians (Duvel and Blue Chimay). The kitchen is also open quite late by Taipei standards–you can usually order until midnight. The squid, chili, and spicy shrimp in olive oil are all very nice. They also make some good sandwiches. And they have a nice selection of inexpensive wines.

Too bad about the lamb chops. They’re excellent.

As long as the staff tells you, “We are very busy on the weekends. We have a small kitchen. It will be a 45-minute wait.” I have no problem. What I would have a problem with and maybe this is what Alley Cat is talking about is this “just ten more minutes” six times or “the chef is doing this” or the Kitchen is doing that for six times when just saying it will be an hour wait once would be enough for me.

Then it just sounds like excuses and that you are getting your chain pulled.

Tapas has a “regular” crowd as well. At least, I’ve been there about a half-dozen times and see many of the same people there. I think it’s a bit like DV8 (on Jinhua Street) – except the staff are friendlier, it doesn’t smell like a damp potato cellar, it’s smaller, and you don’t get splinters from the seating.

I’ve been to Tapas twice and thought that service, food, and wine were really good both times.


Also worth noting is that Tapas has some of the cheapest beers in town if not the cheapest.

It may have cheap beers and decent service and food, but man o man the decor/vibe sucks azz. Upstairs in unbearably drab.

tapas has a nice, neighborhood atmosphere. i like to sit downstairs at the bar and am always impressed by how many people pop in to buy a bottle or two or wine – take out. maybe the owner could also start selling a variety of quality cheeses to go along with it.

Tapas would be a good place for a forumosa get-together…

Too small downstairs, and upstairs is barren; we’ll hear echos.

Are you guys serious? Am I thinking of a totally different place? The Tapas place near Shida right? The only place you could hold any type of function there is upstairs and that is a hideous space. Sure the beers are nice, but hardly a pleasant environment. After a few Belgian beers perhaps…

The upstairs has been remodeled. It’s tolerable now.

Anyone have an address for Tapas?

#50 Heping West Rd Section 1

It would be a good place for the Forumosa do you know. We’d have to take the whole upstairs, but if we did it on a Thursday (i think it’s a Thursday) we could take advantage of the wine specials night (or maybe ask them to give us the same specials on a nother night). Worth consideration at least. This place is good for wine.


Just to let everyone know, it appears Michael and Julia have been unceremoniously booted out by the other “shareholders”.

Effin’ dumb of the other shareholders to do it. Michael and Julia were a good amount of why to go there. Shareholders who can’t share suck.

Anyone know of a good tapas place? I’ve been away from Chicago’s Cafe Iberico too long and have a craving for jamon and patatas ali oli… and of course some good sangria…

There is a small tapas bar near the intersection of Heping and Roosevelt.
It doesn’t really compare with the real deal, but it’s ok, and has a relatively wide selection of wine, and most importantly…

cheap cold beer.