TARC Requirements and Marriage

I’m planning on applying for TARC, but will one of my parent’s need to fill out the Chinese Name Declaration Form (中文姓名聲明書) when I do the Chinese translation since they hold a PRC passport? I’ve tried looking online everywhere and can’t find any information. The marriage isn’t registered in Taiwan either, I have a verified marriage certificate from TECO and they have done a marriage interview at TECO.

just for clarification, you are now trying to get a NWOHR passport, right?

If you want to use family name of non-Taiwanese parent for your name, it seems so.
If one of your parent is a PRC citizen, some different rule might be applied, though.

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Yes, I’m trying to get my NWOHR passport and TARC after. Same, I’m worried the rules might be different, but getting in touch with TECO is extremely difficult during this pandemic so I was hoping someone had an idea in this situation or had something in Chinese I could read. Would be more convenient if I just use my mom’s last name since she holds the Taiwan passport?

I guess so.

@tando So for example, on the passport application for box 1 I would write my 中文名字 with my mom’s last name, 外文名字 as the pinyin of the 中文名字, and 外文別名 would just be my English passport name (that has my dad’s last name)? When I apply for TARC they’ll still need my parent’s marriage certificate then if I have my mom’s last name?

That is my guess. I’m assuming you report your father as a US citizen, not a PRC citizen.

If I were you, I would ask to TECO, or if it is difficult, BOCA in Taiwan.

If your father is a PRC citizen, you may need more documents than he is a foreigner.


Thanks for the help! Appreciate it. I’ll try contacting BOCA.