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Hello Everyone,

I know there is a topic like this but it is slightly different from my situation.

I am Overseas Taiwanese, I just got my Taiwanese passport. My parents are both Foreign Citizens but I could get my passport because when I was born my mother was still Taiwanese.

What I would like to know is what documents I need to hand in and where for applying for the TARC in order to get my ID later.

What I’d figured out so far is that I need these documents:

-My Birthcertificate
-Marriage certificate of parents
-criminal record certificate
(all certified and translated into Chinese)
-household register from Taiwan for mother

Is this right? All what I’m thinking about is that I needed the exact documents (except criminal record certificate) for applying for my passport.

And if I need these things again: Can I just take the old ones I already used? They are from Dec 2016, so not really old. Unfortunately TECO couldnt really help.

Thank you everyone for your answers.

Why not just enter Taiwan with your Taiwanese Passport no need for Visa, ARC. You have citizenship.

Then just apply for ID like a local. Get some info from the place where your mothers household registration was issued.

Are you not in your mothers household registration? If so there should be your ID number.

Try to avoid all the cost with translations, certifications if you can do it other way.

May be some relatives from your mothers side can help you out and call the place where they get their IDs and explain your situation. Then get them all documents they ask for.

You should have all the documents from when you applied for Taiwanese Passport.

As far as I know I have to prepare lots of stuff in my home country before entering Taiwan with the ROC passport. Then I have to wait for a year before I can apply for my ID. I now have citizenship without registration. If you look at this post, there is usually a bunch of stuff to do.

“Are you not in your mothers household registration? If so there should be your ID number.”

What do you mean by this? I am not in my mothers household registration. So there should be no ID-Number, right?

It was not clear from your first post that you were not born in Taiwan.

My daughter was born here. She is registered in our household registration and already has ID number assigned. When she is old enough she can get her ID card.

I can not give you good advice. Taiwanese laws about citizenship are very different from western countries. It has to do with the awkward one china situation.

Does somebody else know something or has good advice?

You’re more or less right with what documents you need but I think you need your mother’s ID, either an old Taiwan passport of hers or an old ROC ID card. Perhaps they’ll accept her hukou record in lieu of this. At any rate, please go to your local TECO to ask instead of waiting here for answers before you turn up. Show them everything you have and they’ll tell you exactly what else you need and exactly what you need to do and you’ll be getting the correct answers straight from the horse’s mouth.

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I believe you will also need these things for the TARC application:

  1. Valid entry/exit permit, affixed inside your overseas Taiwanese passport (you must enter the country on it)
  2. Your mom’s ID card
  3. Medical check (you can do this in Taiwan, it takes about 10 days for the approval, I think)

I’m pretty sure your mother will have to register her marriage to do your father AND add his name to the household register (with a Chinese name).

If your mother no longer has an ID card (not even an old one), she will have to get one in Taiwan. (Please double check this, this was my case, but I don’t know if the regulations have changed since I applied in 2014.)

If your application is complete, it takes a couple of weeks for the card to arrive, so prepare to spend about a month in total to get the TARC.

It worked! I got it, thank you everybody!

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@Lobelt mind shedding some light on what’s needed to get that TARC? Ill be in a similar situation as you in a matter of months. I pretty much know what documents are needed (I think) to get the TARC but which ones need to be authenticated/translated? And was the process difficult for you?

What I needed was:

-My Birth certificate
-Marriage certificate of parents
-Criminal record certificate (not older than 3 months)
(all certified and translated into Chinese)
-Household register from Taiwan for mother and my grandmother (since my mother is not Taiwanese anymore, not older than 3 months)

  • Health Check I did in Taiwan
    -Copies of both my passports
    -1000 NTD

After handing in all documents, I waited for about 10 days


Something else really important what I didn’t know: Your translated and certified birth certificate serves as a link between you and your relatives in Taiwan if you are not registered in Taiwan like I am. You can use it for getting the 戶籍謄本 of your relatives which is also needed for the work permit. It is the only document you’ll get back after submitting everything to the immigration office.


Do they ask any reason for getting a TARC? Or you can just apply because one of your parent is taiwanese

I got my taiwanese passeport and all the documents, but they make me do a visa for the entry in Taiwan with the taiwanese passeport, but the visa is for 3 months, i’m wondering how can i stay one year with that visa

you can’t. you need to enter taiwan with your roc passport (that has the 3 month visa in it), and then you must apply and receive your TARC. then you can stay in taiwan.

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Who can get a TARC is written here.


Or, Articles 9 and 16 of Immigration Act. This is in English.

If one of your parents had a household registration when you were born, it can be a reason to get a TARC.

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@Lobelt Hi! I believe that I am currently going through a similar situation as yours, and am hoping you could give some help based off of your experience. Basically I need all the same forms as you listed and will also have to wait a year before attempting to get a Taiwanese ID.

Regarding the criminal record certificate, how did you get it certified and translated? (If done by the U.S.) Currently, I think the route I have to take is to get my records expedited from a FBI Channeler, then email my records to the dept. state or something in DC. And then after I get back my forms certified from the department of state I have to get it translated into chinese. And then I bring this, along with all other necessary forms, to Taiwan to apply for my visas/ID. Was this how you did it?

Thank you for your time~

I can’t really remember but it wasn’t in the US where I did it. So I guess you just have to go to your local Taiwan office and ask them how they want it. I think I translated it myself and gave it to them to check. I guess they need to certify it for the immigration office here.

I see, thank you! I’ll be calling the local Taiwanese office as its too confusing.

So if i have all the papers, what is the first thing to do when i arrive in Taiwan, medical check? What kind of medical check, where can i do it and what is the name of that medical check, i can speak mandarin but i can’t read it.