Taro and bubble tea places where one can sit down

Two simple pleasures found often in predominantly Asian areas of Southern California which I expected to see everywhere in Taipei:

  1. Sit-down bubble tea places
  2. Taro milk tea (preferably without using milk powder)
    Perhaps it’s due to the fact that most of my leisure cafe time is spent around NTNU or Gongguan area, where indeed there are some attractive higher-end cafes and countless bubble tea stands, but a nice variety of bubble tea is not available in the cafes, and I’m not coming across sit-down bubble places or taro flavour drinks at the stands. Where to find these? Surely I’m just missing them. Thanks in advance.

there are several sit down bubble tea places. Judging from your post you need such locations in Taipei:

春水堂 (Chun Shui Tang)

喫茶趣 (Chai for Tea a.k.a Chi Cha Chu) If you have ever been to Irvine and University Center, there is a Chai for Tea that’s been there for over 10 years

翰林茶棧 (Han Lin Cha Zhan)

There are more that but they are escaping my head… Those mentioned above are tea restaurants that can be found around Taiwan. They all have delicuous Taro milk tea. But if you are from NorCal, I am not sure if they are as good as Fantasia Coffee in Cupertino… I am sure there are sit down tea places that are only available in Taipei as well.

Sorry the store locations are in Chinese, as I am not that familiar with Taipei, this is the best I can do :stuck_out_tongue: