Taroko Gorge Lodging

Does anyone know an inexpensive place for a couple to stay near to Taroko Gorge?



There’s the free campsite right in the park.

Catholic Hostel: 03-8691122

Thank you for your good suggestions. However, I am looking for something like a bed and breakfast, an Inn, rooming house or a moderately priced hotel. I don’t think that the Catholic Hostel would let us stay together privately, and I’m not sure that I am ready for camping in the tropics yet. I appreciate the suggestions, hope that they help others, and hope that someone knows of a place closer than Hualien that I could stay.
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?? Why wouldn’t the Catholic hostel let you stay ‘privately’? They’ve always let me stay with whomever I please[d]. You have a choice between single and double beds. There are no priests or nuns on the premises, and the place is managed by fairly permissive aboriginal couple.

Another option is a minsu (homestay/guesthouse). There’s a cheap, small one beside the little road that leads up to the Christian Hostel (not the Catholic one). The number is 0963356885. It’s tatami-style. The owners are friendly They give you plenty of clean duvets and a hot water urn with teabags and sachets of coffee. There are two shared bathrooms and a washing machine you can use. The only thing that worries me a little about that place is that it’s possibly not that safe in case of a fire. I don’t think they do breakfast. It’s worth splashing out a bit for the breakfast buffet at the Grand Formosa hotel.

Or what about the China Youth Corps hostel? That looks pretty comfortable although a bit pricier. I think they might have double rooms, and they do breakfast as well.

What’s the campsite like? Any closeby places to buy fuel (white gas) for camp stove?