Taroko (half) Marathon

Going to run my first half-marathon here this year, love the idea of running up through the gorge with no traffic (well probably the occasional blue van that slips through the cordon), just the sound of runners pounding tarmac surrounded by nature. From what I remember from watching it a couple of years ago, you run the first 2.5km downhill from the Gorge Gate towards the coast, then turn around and run up and up into the gorge :smiley: before dropping back down about 8km (??) back to Park HQ.

It’s on Nov-1st, so just about got enough time to train up for this - there’s plenty of local flat trails around here, and then there’s the killer 4km mountain trail that climbs a few hundred metres for a power workout. I can average 7min miles at the moment, but not 13 of them :s . So whilst I’d love to break 1hr30, realistically it will be 1hr45 if all goes well. Anyone else here doing it this year?

Hey, great for you. Keep us all informed about your progress and off course the day itself. I love to read about people preparing for big events like this and I’m sure others do too.

I’d like to try the 5K run this year.
Means I need to actually start running. Soon.

I’d definitely be interested. Maybe I’ll even be able to get my wife to run the 5km. Here is the contact info I found for registration:
(02) 2585-5659

better preparation by far would be running up XingYi Road from TienMu West Rd, all the way up to YangMingShan village (not the top of the mountain) and catching the bus back down from there. a sustained 8-9 km climb on about the same grade as taroko.

have fun, i wish my knees would let me run.

EDIT: you’re probably not even in taipei, OP. but for those who are, that run up XIng Yi Road is a good one. turn right a the traffic lights above Hell Valley and keep going towards ShaMao Shan (the dome shaped hill).