Tata Motors

Well, as I mentioned before, I bought in at 22.6. I would check it out on NYSE, TTM. It has treated me well so far and all the analysts are at “Moderate buy” or “Buy”, right now. This is from last month when the xperts were 1/3 “hold”. I have NEVER lost money on my stock picks. The only time I ever lost money was listening to a brocker. Ya, I bought Cable and Wireless on his advise. I bailed in 2 months and lost money. I’m not a day trader but I really watch my investments and I don’t mind bailing if I feel it is going to dip.
EDIT: Now at 26.7 and all indications are up. Let’s see 1,000 shares at 22.6 and … in less than 2 months. . . . … . :whistle:
EDIT 2. I predict 70 before a serious dip’