Tattoo removal for yellow, green and blue

A couple years ago I tried and tried to find a tattoo removal clinic with a laser to remove yellow, green and blue somewhere in Taiwan.

I’ve since gone to a clinic in Hong Kong a few times and it is slowly fading.

Can’t go to HK for more treatments anytime soon.

Anyone happen to know if there is currently a clinic in Taiwan with such a laser?

Perhaps a clinic in Taiwan purchased a new laser within the past 2 years.


I hope it’s nothing like this one…

You mean Q-switched lasers I guess.
There are many places in Taipei that cater for that.
I think I found a place using goog maps and searched for tattoo removal.
It was located near Zhongxiao Dunhua on Zhongxiao on the right side going east. It mainly caters for women getting cosmetic things done.
There will be places in other cities too.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes there are many places with such a laser however there are many types of Q-switched lasers.
I went to 2 different places 2 years ago for a consultation (and was in contact with several). Not a single one in Taiwan had a laser that would work on my colours.

Maybe can run over to the Tattoo convention happening this weekend before they close. Might have some leads.


I wonder if the OP is the forehead tattoo guy from Kaohsiung …

No blue and yellow on that forehead, just green and black… or do I remember wrong?

If all else fails I have a 80 watt CO2 laser that should do the job…


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