Tattoos from night markets



night markets. [/b]

Even if the artist looks very experienced and has it themselves?

What do you think? Safe? Horror stories?

The words “permanent” and “night market”, i wouldn’t normally put together, is all I know.

Oh I think I can, how about I got a permanent infection from a night market? They’re not exactly operating theatres.


Every single tattoo I got in Taiwan I got at Hsimending…at stores that aren’t closed…and they suck. I mean, in comparison to friends who had theirs done back home that still has vibrant colors…the colors the guys in the alley behind the gym in Hsimen used all faded. But I’m still happy with mine. It was a great experience…good memory…I would go back.

here are mine

oh, with closed I mean …a store with a door…or even a window. These shops are just on the pavement. Getting the back one was quite the show for the locals…haha. And the tattoo is fine…it’s my back thats crooked. And you can see the font is all crazy…the N is smaller than the ‘e’…but still…loved the experience and has a cool story behind it. I told the guy I want the words at the top and the numbers at the bottom…he understood i want it spread from the top all the way to the bottom…it wasn’t going to cover my whole back. But once he drew it on I was like…all of that for NT5000…go ahead! haha

haha i was just about to ask what “closed” store meant. love the back one :slight_smile:

and it fading, isn’t that big of a deal if i don’t want color right?

interesting knowledge…pros and cons, more cons than pros, but i’ll still consider it cuz damn tat’s are so expensive in the states, and i just want something small and NOT english haha

I get the writs tats, but is there somthing that you’re holding in your hands, or are your palms tattooed as well? BTW, didn’t the wrists hurt quite a bit?

i just realized that wrist tattoos are illegal in the states…or at least CA cuz it’s too close to the blood veins haha. but yeah didn’t it hurt?!

It hurt WAY more than my whole back.

I’m holding stones(not kidney stones) and a penguin sticker …it was for someone that went away on holiday and I was missing her.

Yup, he really had to PULL the skin tight to get the tatt on the wrist…and this was in rain season too, so riding a scooter was ouch because that is exactly where the raincoat’s cuff presses against your skin. Another cool story…the girl who did my stars last year just started out in the store when I got my back done…she said she watched the guy do it hoping that one day she can be a tattoo artist…and 6 years later she did mine…so it was really nice experience for her too.