Tatung rice cooker or pressure cooker

I am looking for Tatung rice cooker. Where can I get one at good price? Does Costco sale it?


there ads tatung 3C stores where you can find more choices. I don’t think the rice cooker does the same thing as pressure cookers unless you are talking about cooking soup, chicken and so on. By that i mean Yu can cook rice with a pressure cooker. There are those electronic rice cookers, i don’t like them one bit. Those are less versatile. If you want to buy a rice cooker to just cook for 1, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. But if you are cooking for 2 more, buy the ones that can fit the steamer racks. You can get the soup and other dishes going while you coo rice. And i recommend finding one with a metal ear on the side to hang the lid when you are getting the rice.