Tax and online income

I am thinking about investing in an online business and would like to know some info on tax implications before committing to anything. Do I have to declare my online income? is there a threshold or something?

Really depends on the type of business and where the work is actually executed.

It will be a combo of social media presence, website and app. Freeware with in-app purchases, all of the services sold will be crowdsourced (6 to 8 employees at any given time, Indians will probably take all the gigs). In addition, the coding team will consist of one permanent member who is a shareholder and will recieve no salary whatsoever and 2-3 project-contracted freelancers.

The business plan is to cover the costs with Admob and Adsense and pocket the in-app purchases.

If it is considered foreign income threshold to declare is 1 million NT (check AMT tax) and threshold to pay is 6.7 million NT.

But if you do any coding and management while in Taiwan and your tax residency is in Taiwan, it could easily be argued that it is Taiwanese income. Check with a Tax expert when you see that income starts to be significant.

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You always need to declare income, paying is up to the tax (law) office.

Ok interesting thanks. A few more things though. Everything will be done outside of Taiwan however all transactions will be going through my personal accounts. 6.7 million NT is quite reasonable though, if we can count this as overseas income it will be great. Also do you know how capital expenditure (advertising in particular) is taxed in Taiwan? and any suggestions for a tax expert?