Tax day cometh?

When are foreign nationals supposed to file by? Also, on a related note… where?

This year they extended the tax deadline to May 31 I believe (not sure why).

On a similar note, my Taiwanese coworker (a CPA) did mine for me. She said that she would be happy to take care of all this tax stuff for any foreigner for a $3000 fee (which is half what is standard on the market from what I understand).

If anybody is interested, give me a call at my office on my direct line between 10-6 M-F: (02)2709-9982.


The address is ground floor, No. 2, Sec. 1 Chung Hwa Road. A short walk from the Hsimen MRT station. I filed on March 29, but the “helper elves” weren’t there.
Last year, near the closing date for filing, there was an army of people (some foreigners, some English-speaking Taiwanese) who had computer terminals set up for them by the tax office and who basically filled in the forms for you while you were waiting your turn at the filing counter.

Unless you have a business here in Taiwan then doing your taxes is incredibly easy. In fact if you go nearer the deadline there are people who will help you fill out the form. I would not pay $NT500 to have someone fill out a few lines on a tax form. And yes I have done this quite a few times.

I was told the filing deadline has been extended to May 31st because Taiwan has initiated an on-line tax filing system this year and is allowing extra time for de-bugging the system and user familiarization.