Tax for Hobby (Craft) Online only

Hi, I would like to know if I need to pay taxes for a hobby. I like to sew and sell my bags on Ebay I only do online never in person or sell to someone in Taiwan all money come for oversea and deposit direct in my bank in my country. The amount of money is not too big like $3.000 profit (last year) .

Thanks .

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I’m not a tax accountant…But from what I gather, the answer is no…This sort of income is categorised from what I understand as in the “minimum alternative tax” category. This means all earnings of TWD$6 million+ will be taxed at 20%. Another 1 million and below doesn’t even need to be reported. Just don’t earn over approximately US$180,000 from sewing…I know it will be hard to stay under this but a certain amount of caution will be required.

It’s not about paying tax, it’s about filing tax. The tax office will decide.