Tax for unmarried couple

I will be joining my fiance who has been working in taiwan from past 4 months. he is already paying taxes on his income.

I will be joining him shortly as I have found a job.

How can we avoid paying tax individually as we are not married yet?

If we declare that we will be shortly married, will there be any tax deduction?

how are the taxes charged?

help appreciated!

Until you are married then you will be taxed as individuals, the authorities here assuming you are both foreignors will be a duly authorised copy of the marriage certificate.

However, do not worry about it, it does not make a huge amount of difference unless one of you is on a relatively small salary and one on a very large salary, if you both earn roughly the same then forget about it.

Taxes are charged on taxable income and start at 6% rising to 40%, but you will need taxable income of NT$ 4 million or more to qualify for the upper bracket.

Tax allowances come in various forms and some are standard and non changeable, but some are standard but changeable, and the decision as to which to use has to be based on personal circumstances.

If you want more details then just ask away.

If you are not married, then you are single.

If you desire to avoid being classified under the “single” status category, then you need to get married.

I hope that this clears up any confusion which any of the visitors to this forum might have had.