Tax Lawyer to Consult Best Setup

I have a company here and I want to know the best setup to legally avoid paying some taxes in the USA and Taiwan. Currently we pay no tax in the USA because the company is in my wife’s name and she is Taiwanese and we don’t live in the USA. In a few years we will move to the USA and she will get a greencard/passport etc and then we need to know how to limit taxes.

I also want to know how to limit paying Taiwan corporate profit tax. We are registered in Taiwan, but I see a lot of companies in Taiwan openly display they are registered in the Caymen Islands or BVI etc. Is that the way to go to solve all of our problems or is that not legal in the USA just very difficult to discover.

We still have to explain where all of the money comes from to the USA tax authorities after we purchase houses, cars etc. all without having a job in the USA.

I have so many of these types of questions as well as tryin to figure out a way to put money away etc.

Aren’t Caymen Island companies just simply lying to the US tax office? The company is in your name, it is just very difficult to find out who owns it or who has access to the bank account. How to legitimize any money that I take on a monthly basis? Consultant for a foreign corporation? So many questions, anyone know who can help me? I would prefer someone in Taiwan that was familiar with foreigners ad US and Taiwan taxes…By the way, I don’t mind paying an expensive lawyer or law firm, if the advice I get is very good and worth it.

Don’t know to your questions. However, I can suggest you be very wary about the “offshore” havens such as BVI and Caymen. If done correctly, it doesn’t save in US taxes. In any event, it will be more difficult to do business in the US as many institutions in the US will make you jump through many a hoop. (Patriot Act and all…).