Tax lies

where to start… sigh

the first school i worked for did everything very legit. all my income was truthfully stated and i was taxed appropriately. there was no funny business at all.

today i had to go file my taxes to get some form to hand in with my arc renewal stuff. the school i’ve been working for for a year now lied about how much i’m earning a month. to be exact, they claimed i’m only earning NT 30,000 a month and it is from that amont taxes have been taken out. when i went in today the first question i was asked was “why are you earning less than half of what you earned in the two previous years?” i didn’t know what to say so i said im not working as many hours.
they then asked me to write down reasons to why i’m not earning as much and sign it. they proceeded to lecture me on tax fraud and not claiming all my income because they are quite aware of the average salary of an english teacher in taipei. they also asked why i would take a job for less pay … question after question…

so, i went back to my school and told them what happened. I then had to sign a years worth of fake pay stubs so if they get any hassles, they can prove that i really was only paid that amount.

i am not feeling good about lying… or lying to cover up my school’s lie which i had no idea about until this afternoon. I am actually getting paid quite a bit more than 30,000/month and they tax me on what they are really paying me but giving less to the government cause they’re claming i’m making less.

furthermore… they began taking tax out of my pay in January but filed my taxes saying i was only taxed starting in march. my arc shows a january date and they asked me what i did for those 2 unaccounted for month of not being taxed.

i am prepared to tell the truth if i get in any trouble, although my schools seems to have covered themselves pretty well. i don’t want to take the fall for their disonesty.

any advice? :help:

Well, did you already sign you earned less (i.e. what the school declared)?
If so you have made a big mistake already. What about your income tax declaration actually? Did you sign it, too? - it’s your responsibility to check the figures stated before doing so.

Personally I would advise you to come clean and tell the truth and let your school sort it out, but of course you then risk loosing your job there …